In early days, technology was that far from our vision and missions…

In the middle age, it came near to the people it felt to be with…

Now it is one in the hands of everyone

Then for the future, it is the one which would go far beyond our hands…

The present age is the age of multiple intelligences.

Introducing to the world, the first chatbot, “ODOBOT”…  A new icon, to be launched with intellectual magnificence to prove excellence in ERP analytics.

As the name says, ODO works with Odoo platform and BOT is an ultra-intelligent agent that serves you wherever needed.

Odoo is an ERP growing rapidly in the field of all industry and making itself a better replacement for other ERP systems.

As a matter of seconds is indeed put up into something that engages our life to move faster and easier, we need an intelligence that would assist us as a kind of confidante to be more relevant and updated.

Chatbot for odoo is a new way for clients to interact with their ERP With the help of Axcensa Learning System.

Odobot is an artificial intelligence system that interacts with the user to fulfill thy requirements via text Conversation adopting Machine learning as its base to perform a number of tasks.

Odobot is one that is capable of simulating a conversation with a person and act on its own as per the instructions provided by humans. It is a conversational agent that interacts with users using natural language.  

The main feature of odobot is AI. Yes, it is using Artificial Intelligence mechanism to learn from the user feeds. It maintains each user’s inputs and activities and based on that it will suggest your actions and fetch the output required by the user.

It employs Machine learning infused with artificial intelligence as a base that helps the system to predict and act according to the outcome by providing the ability to learn the actions.

Odobot makes it convenient for the user to use the Odoo ERP as it fills the presence as though a live user at another end.

Inventions always arise upon demand. Let the world be ready to face the most intelligent bot into their workspace. Welcome, Odobot into the world of deft.

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