Pricing Structure

Fixed Price Model

  • Fixed Price Model is budget constrained.

  • Best suite for any business looking to kick-start their project with predefined and strict requirements.
  • It is carried out with proper analysis and queries.
  • This model is fine-tuned for smaller projects, where the client has direct control over the project from the inception to the implementation.
  • With this model, the clients can enjoy the overall delivery of the product with no worries of over-paying.

Time&Material Price Model

  • Best fits for complex, high budget projects, where specifications and time competitions are not clear.
  • Improvements can be done wherever necessary during the whole process, thereby yielding high returns and no risk of failures.
  • Payments are Based on the works done.
  • Creates a step by step improvement throughout the project, allowing to spend on the right resources.
  • Well structured information with transparency in work or transactions, thereby creating strong connection between the team and the client.
  • Great communication with complete information to client on completion or delays and Reports on time and resources spent can be received whenever required.
  • Fully controlled by the client, either to redirect or cut down resources under any critical needed part of the project.

Dedicated Team Price Model

  • The Dedicated Team Price Model is one of the best model in the market with the flexibility to change requirements during the project for medium scale projects.
  • It prefers delivering work way before the deadline, keeping the quality of work at hand.
  • This model also reflects the philosophy of continuous growth within the team and bring the best work on the table.
  • The Dedicated Team Price Model has tons of benefits for the client as it provides the base through with growth can be measured and improved upon.
  • Regular updates are sent to the client for maximum transparency.
  • Renews contract on completion/Maintains after completion relationship too.
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