I am Odobot version 1

Status: Under construction by Axcensa technologies.

Codename: Odoo

Type: Chatbot

I am an Ingenious bot I am not an ordinary chatbot and Axcensian named me as Odobot.

           There is a reason to name me as Odobot, do you want to know the reason? Okay, let’s go back Zoooooom………

It’s just a short story.

Once upon a time, there lived a team of excellent technology idea generous and as they fascinate about new technologies and new ideas where they thought of introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence in odoo. So they choose me to act as an interface communicate between you and Odoo AP system.

Hence, they developed me as an extraordinary bot having machine learning as its base.

If you provide me access in your Odoo system. I will be helpful in many ways from you.


  • Reminds you of any work not done.
  • Will talk to you in natural Language.
  • As I speak the natural language you can find me more friendly than any other Bot.
  • I can study your emotions then the words you communicate.
  • I am very conversational.

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Joined Opensource Community

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