Introducing to the world, the first chatbot for ERP, “ODOBOT”

Tell me, so that, I make your works easier!!!

Who am I

Hi, I am Odobot version 1….

Codename : Odoo

Type             : Chatbot

Architect    : Axcensa Technologies


I am an Ingenious bot. I am not an ordinary chatbot and Axcensian named me as Odobot.

Short story

There is a reason to name me as Odobot, do you want to know the reason? Okay, let’s go back Zoooooom………

It’s just a short story.

Once upon a time, there lived a team of excellent technology idea generous and as they fascinate about new technologies and new ideas where they thought of introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence in odoo. So they choose me to act as an interface to communicate with you and your Odoo ERP in business. Hence, they developed me as an extraordinary bot having machine learning as its base.


If you provide me access to your Odoo system. I will be helpful for you in many ways.


  • Simple, User – Friendly and conversational.
  • Converses in Basic English Language/user known way
  • Easy to interact than any other bot.
  • Recognizes user input through pattern matching.
  • Acts based on the words you speak.
  • More Flexible and Less Prone to errors
  • Engages customer with more satisfaction.
  • Accesses information to provide a predefined acknowledgment.

Say Hello to my New Generation………… Odobot Project Management Version 1.

Yesss…. It’s obvious that he is marvellous.. He is made out of RPA.. Doesn’t it sound great!!!!

Come Let us hear from him..

Meet My Generation

Odobot Project Management

Odobot Project Management

Hi! I am Odobot Project Management.

Cheers to those who do a lot to manage a project?

I am your close friend, who have been designed with RPA to reduce your struggles in managing the project through easy Task management system.

This is our first baby step in Project Management Web.

Do you want to know how I work… Here we go…

  • I fetch & display existing tasks from web to mobile.
  • I allow to create, edit, save and delete tasks directly from mobile to web.
  • I segregate chats based on the user assigned teams and members.
  • I hold message logs of the teams in chats both at mobile and web end.
  • I perform real-time work and collaborate on Projects.

That’s it.. Ain’t I Cool.. If you want me to manage your projects… Contact my team…

Meet you all soon with my next Generation…

Chatbot for Odoo

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